Praise for The Terrorist Next Door

"Chicago Detectives David Gold and A.C. Battle are strong entries in the police-thriller sweepstakes, with Sheldon Siegel's new THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR, a smart, surprising and bloody take on the world of Islamic terror. As a crazed bomber threatens to shut down America's third-largest city, the Chicago cops, the FBI, Homeland Security and even the military desperately sift through every available clue to the bomber's identity, reaching for a climax that is both shocking and credible. New York Times best selling author Siegel tells a story that is fast and furious and authentic." John Sandford. New York Times Best Selling Author of STOLEN PREY and the Lucas Davenport Prey Series.

"Sheldon Siegel's THE TERRORIST NEXT DOORhas all the indicators of a bestselling thriller –  fast action, characters you think you've met in real life, bold storytelling and clever plotting.  The great city of Chicago comes alive under his spell, and the woes of that city in THE TERRORIST NEXT DOORturn out to be the woes of our republic.  Excellent." T. Jefferson Parker. New York Times Best Selling Author of THE JAGUAR and THE BORDER LORDS.

"Sheldon Siegel blows the doors off with his excellent new thriller, THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR. Bombs, car chases, the shutdown of Chicago, plus Siegel's winning touch with character makes this one not to be missed!" John Lescroart. New York Times Best Selling Author of THE HUNTER.

"Sheldon Siegel knows how to make us root for the good guys in this heartstopping terrorist thriller, and police detectives David Gold and A.C. Battle are a pair of very good guys. We'd like to see them again." Thomas Perry. New York Times Best Selling Author of POISON FLOWER.

"Sheldon Siegel has outdone himself in this, his first true thriller. The rough underbelly of Chicago is evoked and comes to life as poetically and profoundly as in Carl Sandburg's insider view. THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR will go down as the scariest, most chilling portrayal of what can happen to life in a normal Midwestern city if one small cog goes haywire. A real power play." Katherine Neville. New York Times and International Best Selling Author of THE EIGHT and THE FIRE.

"THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR is a terrific, old-fashioned thriller. Sheldon Siegel again demonstrates why he is considered a master story teller with the likes of John Sanford and Scott Turow. THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR is a taught, tense, action-packed thrill ride that starts on page one and puts a stranglehold on the reader to the explosive end. The tension is palpable as Detective David Gold races through the streets of Chicago to stop an unknown terrorist before the next bomb detonates. I love Siegel's Mike Daley series, and David Gold is destined to be just as addictive. I'm already waiting for the next book in the series!" Robert Dugoni. New York Times Best Selling Author of THE CONVICTION.

"Sheldon Siegel's tale of cataclysmic terrorism is so realistic, well-drawn and deliciously chilling, I wanted to send the book to all my friends—especially those who work in Homeland Security. Women will lose their hearts to Detective David Gold. THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR kept me up late into the night, frantically turning the pages to get to the dramatic conclusion. A terrific thriller by a master of the craft." Allison Leotta. Best Selling Author of LAW OF ATTRACTION.

"I hate Sheldon Siegel. He makes it look so easy. Deftly turning his attention from courtroom battles to terrorist plots, he delivers a page turner with a heart, and the love affair is with the great city of Chicago and the people who call it home. Great fun and a terrific read, THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR  delivers a killer story at a breakneck pace with characters you won't forget. How does Siegel get away with it? Seriously, I hate the guy." David Corbett. Award-winning author of THE DEVIL'S REDHEAD.

"From the first page—when the blind, smelly, homeless man turns out to be a young, physically fit terrorist who is determined to blow up Chicago—I was hooked. THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR moves through Chicago at a fast pace. Now I happen to love Chicago, and I thought I knew it, but as I joined Detective David Gold in the chase, I got to look behind the facades into the soul of the Windy City. Gold is a marvelous character. He's smart, brave, and conflicted. But Chicago is also a major character and as the action moves from The Art Institute to the South Side, from the cop cars to the churches, from the smallest take out joint to the fanciest spots, the terrorist keeps taunting Gold and the reader. I can't wait to start telling my customers about this gem. It will keep you up nights and keep you thinking about David Gold, Chicago, and THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR all day long." Elaine Petrocelli. Book Passage. Corte Madera, California.



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