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Judgment Day
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Perfect Alibi Synopsis

In Perfect Alibi, Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez face their most compelling challenge yet—and this time, it’s personal. It starts with the sort of phone call that every parent dreads. Bobby Fairchild is an honor student who recently graduated from San Francisco’s prestigious University High School and will attend Columbia in the fall. His father is a respected judge and his mother is a prominent neurosurgeon. For the past six months, Bobby has been dating Mike and Rosie’s sixteen year-old daughter, Grace. When Bobby returns home late from a date with Grace, he finds his father’s lifeless body—the victim of an apparent bludgeoning. A panic-stricken Bobby calls Mike and Rosie for help. By the time they reach Judge Fairchild’s house, Bobby has been arrested for his father’s murder. The only person who can confirm his whereabouts earlier that night is Grace—a seemingly perfect alibi.

Mike and Rosie take on Bobby’s case and quickly discover that the closets of the Fairchild household are filled with skeletons. Bobby and his younger brother were barely speaking to their father—a cold, distant man whose infidelities caused their parents’ acrimonious separation. Bobby’s mother despised her husband, although it soon becomes apparent that the judge wasn’t the only family member with fidelity issues. The judge had also received a death threat from George Savage, the owner of San Francisco’s most notorious towing company and the defendant in a recently-concluded racketeering trial over which Judge Fairchild had presided.

As Mike and Rosie dig deeper, they discover Judge Fairchild’s life was filled with secrets. As the evidence against Bobby mounts, they also begin to question Bobby's story and their daughter’s credibility. Perfect Alibi is Sheldon Siegel’s most personal story yet. From the Victorians of Cole Valley and the colorful streets of the Haight to the squalid corners of the Bayview and the teeming sex parlors of the Tenderloin District, Mike and Rosie must deal with issues involving parental trust and loyalty as they embark on a desperate search for evidence that will exonerate their client—and their daughter.