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Judgment Day
Judgment Day
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Judgment Day Synopsis

New York Times best-selling author Sheldon Siegel has jumped onto best seller lists and into reviewers’ affections with his first five compelling courtroom dramas featuring San Francisco criminal defense attorneys and ex-spouses Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez: In Siegel’s latest novel JUDGMENT DAY, Daley and Fernandez face their most harrowing case yet when they’re called in at the last minute to try to stop the execution of Nathan Fineman, a former mob lawyer who was convicted of murdering three people in the back room of Chinatown’s notorious Golden Dragon Restaurant. With only ten days to go, Mike and Rosie face insurmountable odds as they race the clock in a desperate search that takes them from squalid halls of San Quentin’s Death Row to the harsh back rooms of Chinatown to the mean streets of the teeming Tenderloin District. Their only hope is proving Fineman’s innocence—a task that looks impossible as forensics and witness accounts all point overwhelmingly toward his guilt. At the same time, Mike must also battle his own personal demons when the reputation of his deceased father—a San Francisco cop who was one of the first officers at the scene—is called into question. As the plot hurtles toward its stunning denouement, it becomes apparent that Judgment Day is approaching not only for Nate Fineman, but also for Mike’s father and for Mike and Rosie’s law firm.

Sheldon Siegel’s critically-acclaimed, best selling novels have become beloved for their wonderful characters, insider knowledge, suspense, crackling dialogue and touches of humor. His character-driven page-turners transcend the “legal thriller” or “courtroom drama” genres and provide compelling insight into the souls who populate the criminal justice system, as well as poignant commentary on the system itself. Siegel captures the essence of modern-day San Francisco and makes the city a character in his books. One reviewer described his most recent book as “An authentic, timely tale.” In JUDGMENT DAY, so it is again.