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Incriminating Evidence
Criminal Intent
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Judgment Day
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The Terrorist Next Door

About Criminal Intent

Sheldon Siegel made an immediate impact with his first two novels, Special Circumstances and Incriminating Evidence, garnering high critical praise ("A page-turner of the finger-burning kind" - San Francisco Chronicle) and leaping onto bestseller lists.

Siegel has saved his best, however, for Criminal Intent, a simmering stew of murder, graft, sex, and high-stakes financial manipulation - and it's all in the family.

You can pick your friends, they say, but you can't pick your family. And lately, Mike Daley's family has been keeping him very busy. An ex-priest, ex-public defender and ex-corporate lawyer, Daley and his former wife, Rosie Fernandez, run their own San Francisco criminal defense firm - they weren't so good at being married, they discovered, but they are a pretty good legal team. Most of their cases are fairly small-time, which is why it would be surprising that the person accused of murdering movie director Richard (Big Dick) MacArthur is calling them - except that the accused is Rosie's own niece, Angelina.

That case is bad enough, but the family problems don't end there: Rosie's brother, Tony, may be on the wrong end of a strong-arm graft proposal; the son of one of the firm's lawyers has just been busted on a drugs charge; Mike is having a clandestine affair with a woman judge…and Rosie herself has a dark secret that may make all of it seem irrelevant.

An intricate plot, immensely likeable characters, powerful suspense and more than a touch of humor - these have already become Siegel's hallmarks, and Criminal Intent will keep the reader turning pages until its final, surprising end. If you haven't read Sheldon Siegel yet…there's no better place to start.

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