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Judgment Day
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Reviews by Critics

"The relationship between Mike and Rosie continues to be the strength of this series, and a surprise ending will keep readers yearing for more."--Booklist


Siegel has a nice way with dialogue and keeps the banter, and emotional sparks, flying between the star-crossed law partners.- San Francisco Chronicle


"Siegel is adept at detailing the workings of criminal law from the inside and his sense of nostalgia for the rapidly vanishing working-class enclaves of San Francisco is palpable." -Publishers Weekly


"Siegel does a nice job of blending humor and human interest into the mystery. Daley and Fernandez are competent lawyers, not superhuman crime fighters featured in more commonplace legal thrillers. With great characters and realistic dialog, this book provides enough intrigue and courtroom drama
to please any fan of the genre. Recommended."--Library Journal.


"San Francisco itself is a charismatic character in Siegel's book. Siegel describes the politics, the weather and the neighborhoods . . .from China Basin to the Richmond District. . .There are all kinds of suspects to keep you guessing, and several subplots, too, involving drugs, urban development and the movies. Siegel does a good juggling act. . .There's whimsy in 'Criminal Intent,' along with witty dialogue and the kind of clever comments that you'd expect from a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system."--Santa Rosa Press Democrat.


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