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Judgment Day
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Reviews by Critics

USA Today

Without a doubt, this book by the author of last year's equally entertaining Special Circumstances was the most fun to read... For those who love San Francisco, this is a dream of a novel that capitalizes on the city's festive and festering neighborhoods of old-line money and struggling immigrants. Siegel is an astute observer of the city and takes wry and witty jabs at lawyers and politicians. That Siegel's novel about a politician involved in a sex scandal hits bookstores at the same time a certain California congressman is squirming under similar scrutiny can only bode well for the book. . Read more...


A great deal of the story takes place in the courtroom, with the trial unfolding from Daley's perspective. Here, the author, as expected, does a good job of getting into the mind of his character. The trial procedure is fascinating and more believable than most, as Siegel concentrates on legal strategies instead of lawyer's egos... An effective page-turner with a realistic, if somewhat cynical, climax that holds true to the powerhouse milieu in which Daley and his colleagues have been operating all along. . Read more...

Amazon.com Editor's Review

The story is brilliantly plotted, the characters are sharp and believable, and the wit as dry and pointed as ever. This new series injects some much-needed life into a genre that had gone a little stale. --Perry M. Atterberry Read more...

Library Journal

Mike Daley and friends are back in this intriguing sequel to Siegel's highly praised debut, Special Circumstances. ...As in Siegel's previous book, the San Francisco setting and the courtroom scenes ring true. Readers will be anxiously awaiting this new Mike Daley novel. Recommended. Read more...

Publisher's Weekly

"I look around the table: my ex-wife, my ex-girlfriend and me. We aren't a law firm--we're a support group. Somebody will probably name a 12-step program after us." That's Mike Daley-ex-priest, ex-public defender, ex-partner in one of San Francisco's fanciest law firms-describing his new team of criminal defense specialists. It also sums up the considerable charm and strength of Siegel's second Daley vehicle, following on the heels of the well-received Special Circumstances.

Booklist (American Library Association)

Daley, a former priest and a former public defender, is singularly unimpressed with the distinguished social circle he needs to investigate, all the while displaying his refreshingly down-to-earth attitude and ironic, low-key humor. ... the novel displays real feeling for the San Francisco locale and boasts a very likable protagonist. Read more...

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