Special Circumstances
Incriminating Evidence
Criminal Intent
Final Verdict
Judgment Day
Judgment Day
Perfect Alibi
Felony Murder Rule
The Terrorist Next Door
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Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances, the first Mike Daley legal thriller, debuted in February 2000 and quickly become a national bestseller. Meet Mike Daley. Ex-priest. Ex-public defender. And as of yesterday, ex-partner in one of San Francisco's most prominent law firms...

Read the Synopsis of Special Circumstances.
Read Chapter 1 -- A license to print money.
Read Chapter 2 -- We may have a little problem with the closing.
What do the Critics think? Read reviews by critics and readers.
Find out more about the Cast of Special Circumstances -- who's who in this whodunnit.
What's the story behind the story -- read about the Making of Special Circumstances

Explore Mike Daley's San Francisco -- a look at the places and restaurants in Mike's world.

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